Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Theatrical Casting: The Breakfast Club

The other day I saw some Hayden Panettiere and she just reminded me of those bitchy, preppy girls from high school, and I started thinking that there were probably little cliques in Hollywood, especially young Hollywood. Then I thought how great would it be if a bunch of random stars were stuck together in a Breakfast Club type situation, but not a movie remake (cause no one needs to remake that movie, even though I'm sure it's just a matter of time before someone does). And then I was hanging out with my friend Andy and he mentioned how he would love to see a theatrical version of The Breakfast Club, and I was like, Of Course!

So here are my thoughts on who should be cast in this fictional, let's say Off-Broadway, production...

Zac Efron as Andrew Clark

Yeah, he's not super jocky, but he did play a basketball star in all three of the High School Musical movies, so I think he can pull it off. I'm not sure about his acting chops when it comes to the breakdown scene, but if he can act as well as he can dance and sing, I think he's all set. Plus, we all know he's super dreamy and he's totally the kind of guy that you'd love to see the weird, misunderstood girl hook up with.

Hayden Panettiere as Claire Standish

I really like Hayden in Remember the Titans and Malcolm in the Middle; she was super cute! So I thought for sure she would to grow to be a spunky, cool teen star. But instead she became the icon for cheerleader perfection. Bleh. But I still think she's got some good acting stuff rolling around in her, so she seems like the perfect candidate to play the over-burdened princess who falls for the criminal.

Michael Cera as Brian Johnson

He's everyone's favorite dork, ever since Arrested Development. And unfortunately he seems to be type cast all over the place (except for Scott Pilgrim, I just don't get that). But I think he would be great in this role, because he's normally so awkward that it's really comedic, yet this nerd is more tame, more quiet and very introspective. He basically at the point of suicide and he's really not in the mood for joking. I think it would be fantastic.

Kat Dennings as Allison Reynolds

Kat Dennings just seems really cool, and all the roles I 've seen her in so far (except maybe The House Bunny) are really cool and a little different. She's also quite hot in an off-beaten path kinda way. She could totally go from grungy weird girl to preppy hottie in the course of a couple of hours.

Channing Tatum as John Bender

While Tatum might be better known for his roles in Step Up and Fighting (and soon G.I. Joe), he was really fantastic in A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints, so don't think I'm crazy for picking him for such an intense role. But he's got the bulk to pull of being a tough bad guy/bully, yet he's handsome enough to be lovable and let our hearts go out to him. He just needs to be scruffed up a bit and he's all set.

Alec Baldwin as Richard Vernon

Baldwin has become known as a great comedy actor thanks to his appearances on SNL, 30 Rock and random films, but back in the day he was a serious actor, so he's got the best of both worlds. The original Principal had that whole wirey, squirrely look, so Baldwin might have to lose a few pounds to really embody the role, or he might just take it some other direction and be super awesome on his own.

Chris Meloni as Carl

If you've seen Wet Hot American Summer, you totally get this and know how awesome it would be. If you haven't, go watch it now.

So yeah. Let that roll around in your head for a minute. Think about the dance sequence, and the confession scene, and the Principal stuff. How awesome would that be?


  1. Wow. I'm blown away by your analysis. You've totally changed my perception of life. Rock on.

  2. I would've liked this much better if you hadn't typecasted so heavily, and if you hadn't picked people who would probably get along in real life any way.
    I also like this better as being an " if they got stuck in a movie" scenario than it being anytype of remake.
    TBC doesn't need to be changed. Ever.
    Not re-imagined or re-casted or any other synonym for fucking it up. It's pretty much perfect. Leave it alone.

  3. Everyone was dead on except for Hayden Panettiere as Claire Standish and Channing Tatum as John Bender.

  4. I love the original, and always will.

  5. There's NO way anyone can re-make this film. John Huges was a genius. He got it perfect the first time.

    That being said, I agree with all but one of your look-alike match-ups. Hayden is not a Molly Ringwald. Sorry.

  6. I think the best one is Alec Baldwin and Michael Cera.
    And I loved it...up until you got to John Bender. For some reason, when I saw that one I said to myself "No, no one else is allowed to play John Bender but Judd Nelson!!" Most people probably get that feeling with Claire Standish/Molly Ringwald. But mine was with John/Judd

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  8. I'm just gonna pray that they have some fucking respect for John Hughes &that they don't remake this movie. But if they did(God forbid) it should a low budget film with a cast of new actors that are profoundly low key. Like even when this movie was originally made the cast was pretty well known, but by today's standards you could say that they really weren't A-list celebrities (until of course, after the movie was released) And with today's trends and all the wardrobe for the characters would be mediocre. Like kids would call Ally Sheedy's character "emo". It just wouldn't have the same feel. & NO ONE will ever do John Bender justice other than Judd Nelson. Hell,he still looks good. Let him play the part!

  9. Fine choices, especially for Anderson and the principle,
    John Bender must be played by a really badass guy or at least by who looks like it, not some boyband fella.

  10. P.S. Not Anderson, but Johnson.

  11. would change the chadding tadum to a more "scruffy" actor