Sunday, May 3, 2009

My Awesome Kid Cave

So recently, my friend TJ saw the movie I Love You, Man (which is an awesome film and I highly recommend it) and he's become fixated on having his own man cave (it's a thing from the movie if you couldn't tell). Anyways, I think the idea of having a man cave is kind of lame, at least the kind like back on Home Improvement where it's a escape-your-wife-cause-she-just-doesn't-get-you type of room. And my house is already covered in toys and posters and comics so I don't see the need for a man cave (well, I don't see how Rickey would need a man cave cause we already live in one). But I got to thinking about it and I wouldn't mind having my own room where I keep all my stuff that people would think I was crazy for having and I can only let those who I deem worthy come inside.

So, I've created my own Kid Cave.

I'm a girl, so I obviously can't have a 'man cave', and I'm not a girly-girl so I can't have some weird spa-bullshit room. But I love toys and I love playing and I'm an only child so I like being alone with my stuff, cause other people just don't play right. So I need my own kick-ass room. To start off, it would be super bright and colorful with shelves of toys and fun posters and murals all over the walls. You can't tell that from my drawing above, but just imagine it. And you can see the drawing better if you click on it and pull it up in another window. I'll go over the specifics here:

~Starting with the basics: I'd of course have a TV/Entertainment center stocked with all my favorite re-watchable movies, a Wii, X-Box 360, PS3 and whatever other cool gaming thing I can find. And I'd have giant papasan chair parked in front of the whole thing (I like to call them popozao chairs as you might notice in the labeling).

~Next to that is a camera set up because I really like taking pictures of toys, especially all close-up and stuff. So I'd have little sets and lights and backdrops and it would be fantastic.

~Adjacent to that is something I want whether I ever have this room or not, and it would be all the Playmobil figures and playsets I've ever wanted. Playmobil has been my favorite toy line since I was 3 and after having worked in 3 different toy stores where it was sold, I'm an even bigger fan than I was when I was little. Some of the pieces that I must have would be the mansion (I want it sooo bad!), a castle, pirate stuff (as pictured) and the list just keeps on going...

~Behind that would be my crafting table (with a great view of the TV). There are bins all along the wall that would have all my crap: crayons, coloring books, shrink dink stuff, origami, wings making stuff and on and on.

~Next to the craft bins would be my dress-up closet. I love dress-up. Get off my back. I work at a costume company and I love Halloween and I make fairy wings and go to Ren Faire, so my dressing-up should come as a surprise to no one.

~In front of that would be a little book nook that I'd find some cool way to enclose, and then inside I've have some super awesome rug with all my stuffed animals (they're bad-ass stuffed animals like Cthulu and Ugly Dolls so it's okay) and wacky pillows and blankets. It would be for reading and drawing and playing my Nintendo DS.

~ Over in the bottom left corner, there's an extra TV up on the wall and it would be wired to the main TV so I can see whatever I'm watching from anywhere in the room.

~ The left wall would be a solid white wall where I could paint whenever I felt like it. We had one of these back when I was in theatre and it's super fun. You just paint and go and you're not trying to create an individual piece so it ends up being cathartic.

~And then of course, there would be my Lego pit, filled with all the Legos I could find. This would probably be the thing that I would actually have to let people in to play with, cause I know it would be cruel to deny any child of my generation the chance to play with that many Legos. I would have buckets of just plain Legos for regular building, but I'd also love to have stuff like the Batman and Indiana Jones Legos. It would be swell.

~Next to the awesomeness would be the most girly thing in the room. Sorry boys. But I realized while working in the doll department at FAO Schwarz, that I really still love to dress up Barbies and other dolls (here's looking at you Tonner dolls). So I think it would be cool to have shelf to display them on (maybe with those fancy dressing room lights), and a little table where all the clothes and accessories would be kept and their hair could be done and all that jazz. Ladies, if you ask nicely, I might let you in for this.

~And last but not least, would be a computer used for nothing but gaming. Specifically The Sims, Sim City, and Roller Coaster Tycoon. Those are all games that I can sit for days and play, which is why none of them are loaded on my current computer.

So yeah. That's my dream room. And if it exists when I have kids, they soooo don't get to go in, cause they'll totally mess everything up.


  1. Sorry, but there's just not enough room for all this...I have too many comics.


  2. You can have a comics annex connected to my room. But yeah, the only comics that would be in here would be my favorites and they would have to fit in the little book nook. Sorry!

  3. If you ever build this, I'm moving in next door to you.

  4. hello, could put photos with broader perspective, where there are better distribution of the room, thanks

  5. hello, I could not put my name on my previous comment, now you