Monday, May 4, 2009

I Fixed a Wicket!

So I LOVE Mighty Muggs. I think they are super cute. And I LOVE Ewoks (Hurley can suck it). So it blew my mind when I walked in a comic book store and saw a Wicket Mighty Mugg. So I got it, took it home, and I realized that it wasn't quite right. It needed ears! So I gave it to them!

I'm very proud and really happy.


  1. Very well done! You should check out for other custom Muggs.

  2. Excellent work! he is approx 400x cuter now!

  3. TJ: Yeah, I found that site back when I made the Blue Ghost Rider. It definitely tempted me into getting into customizing Muggs, but I need to not add another craft/hobby to my constantly growing pile...

    Twyst: Thanks! He makes me really happy...