Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Blockbuster Blowout!

I was going through Entertainment Weekly's Summer Movie Issue, and I realized that there are a lot of movies coming out that I'm pretty psyched for, so I narrowed down the list to the 10 that I would love to see in theaters. I meant to get this up sooner, but that didn't happen, so I've already seen one...Oh well.

Star Trek- I saw this over the weekend and it was fantastic! I was really hoping it would be a fun, romping good sci-fi flick and it totally was. I highly recommend checking this out in theaters if you can.

Drag Me to Hell-I love Sam Raimi. And I'm not big on the Spiderman movies. So his return to over-the-top gore and horror and goodness has gotten me very excited. And Allison Lohman has done well in everything I've seen from her, so this has to be awesome.

Up- Pixar. 3-D. What else do you need?

Transformers:Revenge of the Fallen-The first Transformers movie was very exciting despite the fact that it didn't make any sense and was highly illogical. But this one has even more robots! And they're bigger! And they beat they crap out of each other and all kinds of other stuff!

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince-I don't read the books, but I really enjoy the movies. They have cute and wacky creatures, magic and everyone's British. And as they've become increasingly darker I've liked them more and more. So I'll be there, and I might even go in costume.
(these are the less 'blockbuster-y' movies that I want to check out...)

The Hangover-You all know this trailer is hilarious, so no one should hesitate to go see it. Bradley Cooper has been popping up all over the place for the past few years and everything he does is great. I'm a little iffy on the whole Mike Tyson thing, but between Andy from the office and Zack Galikfishiohojnkjiis (or whatever), I can let it slip.

Moon-This one might be hard to see as it's an independent release so I might find it somewhere in Manhattan if I'm lucky and really diligent. But it looks creepy and dark and that mixed with Sam Rockwell's inherent wackiness/lovability, it seems fantastic. It also seems like the kind of thing that will be huge post-DVD release, which is another reason I'd want to see it on the big screen.

(500) Days of Summer-I love Zooey Deschanel. She kinda plays the same character all the time, but I don't care and I will watch anything she's in. And I'm not always a sucker for romance stories, but this one looks really nice and special and different.

Funny People-The first trailer I saw made me tear up. I love all three leads, Apatow is a genius, his kids are precious and hilarious, and I keep hearing 'Oscar Buzz' about it. I can't wait.

Inglorious Basterds-It's a really late summer movie, but it counts. I'll see whatever Taratino puts out, no matter what it is. But I love Brad Pitt (not Benjamin Button Brad Pitt, but Fight Club and Ocean's 11 Brad Pitt) and I'm all for scalping Nazis...

So yeah. I'd love to see all of these in theaters. It probably won't happen, and instead I'm sure I'll get dragged to some other movies, but almost all summer blockbusters are fun to see in theaters.

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