Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Lady Hottness

In recent years the concept of 'lady crushes' has really taken off, and it seems like Hollywood now picks up actresses with not only men in mind when in comes to admiration, but chicks as well. And I for one am very open and honest about my lady crushes. I'd have to say, though, that a lady crush is different from when a guy has a thing for an actress in that it's part 'hey she's really hot' but also 'wow, I kinda wish I was her/friends with her/whatever.' So here are my top 5 current lady crushes, and then my top 5 non-lady crushes. Enjoy!

The Ladies I Love

Isla Fisher

This lady crush is fairly new (say, last couple of years), but it may be my biggest lady crush of all time. First off, I have a thing for redheads (which probably stems from watching Anne Margaret, Pippi Longstocking, and The Little Mermaid as a kid) so she had me hooked since I first saw her in Wedding Crashers. But then on top of that, she's absolutely adorable which totally shows in Hot Rod (which my boyfriend constantly tries to get me to watch). Then she was really funny in Definitely, Maybe and Horton Hears a Who (and I haven't seen the Confessions movie, but it looks precious). So yeah, hot, adorable and funny. What more could anyone ever want?

Katee Sackhoff

I was really hesitant to watch Battlestar Galactica for the longest time, but when I finally gave in I discovered it was a really great show. And it had a kick-ass character named Starbuck who was this sassy tough broad with sometimes a heart of gold. And I loved her. She was all cute with her tomboy haircut and strong facial features and always up in peoples shit and starting fights and all that other good stuff. Her character has a really fantastic arc, and even though the show lagged in a few places, she was always strong and fun to watch. So it's probably not so much that I have a lady crush for Sackhoff, it's more for Starbuck, but I'll take what I can get.

Emma Stone

I really like Emma Stone because she seems to be what Lindsay Lohan was supposed to be. I had a huge brief lady crush on Lohan during the Mean Girls era, but then she took a quick, hard turn into yuckiness and now she's doing whatever the hell it is she's up to. But Emma has that red-haired, brown-eyed, raspy voice thing going on, and she seems to be rising to fame slowly rather than at light-speed, so maybe she'll make it out okay. I haven't seen too much of her yet, but she was fun in Superbad, she and Anna Faris were the only watchable parts of The House Bunny, and she did the whole cool girl thing well in The Rocker. I have high hopes for her.

Amanda Seyfried

She's just really cute. I love her big expressive eyeballs and pouty lips; it's a very doll-like look she has. I enjoy everything I've seen her in (even Mamma Mia which my mom made me watch) and she's always really lovable. She can do the dumb blonde thing, the fairly serious acting thing and the singing/dancing thing. I'm really excited to see what else she does.

Mary-Louise Parker

So there's two things I love about Mary-Louise Parker: she's absolutely gorgeous with her pale skin and big eyes, and she's got that vacant, blank expression that somehow conveys every emotion she ever needs. She was great in things like Fried Green Tomatoes and Boys on the Side back in the day, and now she's kicking ass on Weeds. And these pin-up style advertisements they do for that show probably have something to do with my love of her. But I could just sit and watch her do nothing.

The Ladies Who I'm Supposed to Love, but
Don't Really Do It For Me

Angelina Jolie
So, I used to love Angelina, especially during the whole Gia/Girl, Interrupted era. But then she kept popping up as these bad-ass assassin type characters, and then she broke up Brad and Jennifer and I just started losing interest. And she's starting to seem really preachy and over the top with all those kids she's collecting. Plus I literally ran into her and Brad when I was working at FAO Schwarz and she's super skinny and sick looking and it really makes my heart sad. Sigh...

Megan Fox

So, I get it, she's hot. And people keep saying she's like the new Angelina (hooray...). But there's something about her that totally turns me off. Maybe it's that she's too sexy and that's all she ever seems to be. I'm all for eye candy, but the problem is when no one acknowledges the fact the eye candy can't always act and is sometimes a hindrance, you get Jessica Alba type situations (who I'm glad seems to be laying low now). But I have a feeling Fox isn't going away anytime soon, so I guess I will have to deal.

Adriana Lima

Another girl who, yeah I know, she's super hot. But to me she seems really boring. I used to have a huge crush on Gisele Bundchen and I still kinda do on Heidi Klum, so I am appreciative of Victoria's Secret models, but this one is just blah to me. Every picture I've seen of her looks the same, yes, she's hot, but there's never been anymore to it for me. I think she's married now or something, so maybe she'll go off and have babies and they'll find some new hotness to wear lingerie.

Hayden Panettierre

Okay, so Hayden broke my heart. She was a super cute child-actor and she was in such random roles that it seemed like she'd grow up and continue that trend and be really cool and groovy. But no. This stupid show called Heroes snatched her up and permanently branded her a cheerleader. And the other roles she's taken haven't really done much to stray her away from that image. She could very well be a lovely girl, but she gives off the vibe of bitchy high school snob. Maybe she'll land some really cool role and turn everything around. But probably not.

Scarlett Johansson

I've always thought she was really pretty, but the thing is, she used to be pretty and interesting. Back in the days of Ghost World and Lost in Translation, she seemed really cool and had such promise. But then everyone found out that she was sexy and now she always seems to take these roles where she's just pouty and has big boobs. She's basically the new Marilyn, only not as fun and it's already been proven that she's much more talented than that and so it seems like a waste.

So yeah. That's that. And now for your viewing pleasure, all the other pictures of Isla Fisher that I found. (click to enlarge...)