Thursday, May 28, 2009

Apocalyse Wow!

So I'm convinced the world is ending, that's nothing new. But I like to have fun with the idea and look for the silver lining. Now, the world could 'end' in many different ways: plague, nuclear war, zombies, whatever. But, if it happens, what I'm hoping for is the complete obliteration of human beings save for myself and maybe a few others, and the earth in relatively good condition (think The Quiet Earth or I Am Legend minus the weird zombie creatures).

I've got this great game I play with my Rickey sometimes where we decide what we would do if this situation happens, and here are my highlights...

Step 1. Steal a diesel and head toward Austin. On the way there, fill the truck with as many generators, batteries, foods, supplies and whatnot I might find on the way there. Also, raid every book store for all the 'how-to' books on practical things (building, cooking, crafting, etc) and whatever else looks cool.

Step 2. Pick a cool place to settle in. Maybe right downtown or on the campus (it's so pretty and it'd be right next to Toy Joy! which would still be rockin post-apocalypse). I'd hit up cool furniture and housing stores as well as art galleries and museums and pimp out my place.

Step 3. Just assume that during the above steps I/we managed to get food and shelter and basic needs and stuff all under control and are now at the point of killing time. And the awesome begins:

-gather up every piece of canvas and drop of paint (especially oil) and paint like the dickens.; especially huge Pollack sized pieces that I would continue to coat until the paint was 3 inches thick. Then I'd take them and hang them in the museum so that if later when aliens drop by the planet and investigate, I too will be considered a great artist.

-create and play in my Kid Cave.

-collect couture gowns, shoes, hats, shiny jewelry and Mac cosmetics and get fabulous on a daily basis (I've loved dressing up since I was kid, and still would if people wouldn't look at me funny).

-on that same note, I would take all the money out of banks and turn it into origami and make giant wings out of it. And then adorn them with diamonds and emeralds and goodies.

-go hunting with semi-automatic weapons in departments filled with mannequins and also take a baseball bat to BMW's, Lexus' and Porsches.

-figure out the whole self-developing process of film and go to town with my Nikon.

-find a Chevelle and drive around in circles on the highway like that one commercial.

-should there be a group of us, I'd insist on organizing giant RPG versions of Zombies! and D&D and whatever else would involve us running around and attacking each other for funsies. Also elaborate games of capture the flag and life-sized Battleship and Chess. Oh and lots of paintball.

-set fire to those creepy all-houses-look-the-same subdivisions and make smores while I'm at it.

-paint huge fun murals on all the other buildings I do like.

-drop parachute action figures from the tops of high-rises. It'd be great if I could find the Ninja Turtle ones I had when I was a kid.

-plant crazy flower gardens in run down cars and little kiosks and fountains that no longer flowed.

-play Frisbee with those super skinny laptops. Or maybe not so much Frisbee, but throwing them really hard and then watching them shatter on concrete.

-organize huge parades of wind up toys and remote-controlled cars and other gadgets.

-re-learned to roller-skate and go everywhere.

So yeah. That's my plan. I'm sure there are other things I'd do but this is all for now. Bring on the apocalypse! You know you want it...

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