Wednesday, September 14, 2011

'The Stand' Casting

The Stand is the longest book I've read since I CHOSE to read Les Miserables in High School (it was a mistake. I totally didn't finish the book). But I did finish The Stand and I loved it! And it gave me a lot of time to get to know the characters and figure out exactly who I think they should be portrayed by. There's a new movie in the works, so maybe I can out my casting vibes and influence the producers...
Adrianne Palicki as Frannie Goldsmith

I actually haven't seen a second of her actually performing, but her image was ingrained in my head after all the Wonder Woman madness. Frannie seemed like she would be strong and sassy but also really vulnerable at times. And I guess that's Wonder Woman for me.

Will Patton as Stu Redman

Amageddon. Remember the Titans. Will Patton is my go-to, down-on-his-luck, noble Texas fellow. And I'm from Texas. I know my shit. And whoever plays Stu has to carry large chunks of the movie/series on their own, and he could totally pull it off.

Young Gil Bellows as Larry Underwood

I watched all of Ally McBeal earlier this year, and Larry reminded me so much of Billy (Gil Bellows) on that show. He fancied himself a nice and noble guy, but was actually kind of a dick. I tried to think of a younger equivalent to Bellows, but nobody really fit the bill.

Anton Yelchin as Nick Andros

Nick was one of my favorites from the book but I couldn't pin him down for awhile. Fright Night came out while I was reading the book, and at one point I caught a trailer, and I was like 'duh, he's totally Nick.' Nick is quiet (obviously), and in the regular world that makes him weak, but post-plague, his quietness seems to draw people in and gain him respect. I think Yelchin is the perfect young dude to pull that off.