Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Good Idea, Bad Idea

With the interwebs being available at my fingertips 24/7, I often run into products that either greatly excite me, or freak me the hell out. So I thought I would share some.

Things that are awesome:

Lightsaber Umbrella

I'm all for interesting umbrellas. I really should collect more of them, especially since I now actually live in a place where it rains rather frequently. And I'm totally for umbrellas that are lighted, and I love that these are lighted from the base. I totally want to get multiples of these and have Jedi fights on rainy days.

Moss Mat

I love moss. It's the main reason I would want to live in an enchanted forest (you know, the whole barefoot princess wandering about. It would be rad). And moss is especially great when it's all moist and squishy, so keeping it in the bathroom would be perfect! The only problem is, I'm pretty sure this product is only theoretical, but I'm keeping my eye on it.

Sprint Commercials

There's a series of these, and I think only one was shown during the superbowl, but I'm very entertained by them. I don't know why.

Things that freak me out:

Bitchy Tee Shirt

I love the Little Miss and Mr. Men line of products, so crap like this pisses me off. I've always hated this self-branding of girls that perpetuates the idea that it's 'cool' to be a diva, or a bitch or a slut or whatever. How does that make you cool?

Sperm Donor Costume

Seriously? Who came up with this? I was looking for monk's robes for one of my customers and I happened upon this crap. I guess for frat boys, this is some pretty clever shit, but what chick would go for it? And therefore, what's the point? If I ever run into someone sporting this, I'm totally punching him in the nards.

Best Buy Commercials

These just annoy me. These, and those new Olive Garden commercials. They're so insincere. I've seen at least 3 of these things and they each make me want to punch the Best Buy person. And I'm sure they're nice people, but they totally come across like douchebags.

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