Monday, February 22, 2010

My Lost Hopes

Okay, I know every Lost fan has his/her own wishes for what the show will address in its final episodes. But this post isn't about that kind of stuff. It's just about ridiculous, random shit that I would greatly enjoy should it happen.
Jack Shepard meets Derek Shepherd

My bubble was slightly burst on this one when I Googled both of them and discovered their last names were spelled differently, but whatever. This is something I've wanted to happen since the first season. I'm no longer a huge Grey's Anatomy fan (mainly because it sucks now), but the two of them are both doctors, with ridiculous emotional issues and they're very good at pulling off that whole handsome, distraught genius thing, and they're both on ABC shows. It's totally logical that Derek would show up on Lost as Jack's cousin whom he's always had a doctor rivalry with, or something. It would make my geek heart go pitter-patter, and I want it.More Lt. Daniels!

I know he was killed off and is now a member of the Fringe team (which I haven't watched yet, but I will!) but between 2008-2009, I watched all 5 seasons of The Wire and I was super smitten. I don't really care what else he would do on Lost, I just want some Wire representation.Lost meets Jurassic Park

This really only has to do with the fact that both productions were filmed in Hawaii, but how great would it be if a group of the survivors ran around some corner, only to run into Sam Neil and the gang running from dinosaurs? And then they're all running from dinosaurs and Hurley says something funny and some red shirt gets eaten. It would be awesome!Doctor Who Crossover!

I've recently added Doctor Who to my geek repertoire, and I think this would be less of a Lost episode, and more of a Who episode, but seeing as how he goes all over time and space, he could definitely pop up on the island. And he would get a huge kick out of all the crazy time/space issues that tend to happen. All I'd really need to be satisfied with a crossover is for Jack or New Locke or someone to go running through the jungle and pass the Tardis. It would be joyous!Back to the Future

Ever since they started jumping through time, I've been waiting for someone (most likely Hurley) to say "We need to go back. Back to the future!", but like in a totally serious way. There's still time...
More Deadwood!

So I watched the first 5 seasons of Lost without having seen any Deadwood, so I missed out on all the glorious cameos. But now that I've seen the whole series since the last season of Lost, I just want more people to show up. Maybe get in a bar fight, yell some profanity, kill folks for no reason. It all would make sense in the Lost continuity, I'm sure.Mac meets the Gang

This wish was reignited when Mac showed back up a couple episodes ago. There'd be no reason for it, but it would be a great outtake or something, but how great would it be if he's wandering through the woods trying to fix his screw up (assuming he's not dead) and runs into these 3 idiot outcasts of the Others. They'd be all "Hey man, let's get in on this" and he'd be all "NO guys, this is my thing, I need to look cool" and they'd still screw it up.More Nathan Fillion

I just love Mal, and always will. And this is probably the most likely situation to happen out of all of these.

But whatever else happens, I'm still excited and so fr enjoying this last season. Namaste!


  1. Yes to Jack meets Derek! I have been advocating this since day one!

    Also, Grey's is good again now. :-p

  2. I've been watching Grey's in repeat since the beginning on Sunday nights. That show hasn't been good since Denny died. Ever since then, it's been big speeches and ridiculous plots and people endlessly hooking up with one another.

    I'm going to chalk up your approval of the show to your weird Melrose Place fixated brain...

  3. Melrose/Grey's crossover! Great idea!