Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Things I Want That Do Not Exist Yet: Fox Reunion Episodes

So, for some reason, Fox has this ability to find fantastic new shows and murder them before they can really build up a fan base. There are tons of lists out there of all the shows that were amazing or had great potential and were prematurely canceled by Fox. It would please me greatly, and I'm sure a lot of others, if Fox would start pumping out reunion episodes for all the stories they cut short. There's a billion to choose from, but these are the four that I would most like to see.

I suppose you could argue that Serenity was a reunion special for Firefly, but it didn't really feel that way to me. The movie was great, but it was far more of an action blockbuster/last hurrah piece that lacked the show's tone and delicate handling of little moments. I want to see the crew go another small mission (that will probably get bumbled) that's more about their interactions and relationships and less about actual plot.
Ally McBeal

I recently watched the whole series (save for most of the first season) on Hulu and I had forgotten how fun and delightful the show was. Ally actually lived through 5 seasons, so though it wasn't prematurely canceled, the ending was definitely unsatisfying. In season 4, David E. Kelley brought Robert Downey Jr. in order to boost ratings and it totally worked. He was fantastic on that show. But when he was arrested on drug charges, Fox made Kelley fire him so he was abruptly written off the show and the whole trajectory of the plot was screwed up. Season 5 was a mess. An Ally reunion would be less about making up for lost time and more about a proper story conclusion. And Robert Downey Jr returning to his role as Larry Paul, the best TV lawyer ever.
Arrested Development

Probably one of the most annoying Fox cancellations, Arrested Development actual had a great fan base. It just wasn't large enough and the show was too damn brilliant for people to jump into it willy-nilly. And of course there's been on and off talk of a movie happening, but I worry that an AD movie would lose some of the show's charm, as in the case of Serenity. These characters need a disaster fit for the small screen in order to really shine. And I just really want to know what they're all up to now.

Okay. It was a weird show. The main character talked to inanimate objects. I can kind of understand how it got canceled so fast. But it's SO FREAKIN GOOD. (Go watch it now if you haven't seen it. Go!) I think one of the main reasons I want to see more from this show, is that it did take a couple of episodes for me to really get into it, and since there were only 13 episodes released, by the time I was really invested, it was over. There was so much more story that needed to be told.

So yeah. Fox could pick a weeknight and just start pumping these things out like little TV movies. It would be glorious.

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