Thursday, August 13, 2009

Old School Hotness.

Alright. For those of you who don't know, the lady pictured is Raquel Welch and she was one of the hottest ladies from back in the day (the day being the 60's and 70's). She's still totally gorgeous as a grown-up, but she was once an uber sex symbol (you know that movie One Million Years B.C.? It was the one with the girl in the fur bikini and it was totally unrealistic--well she was the girl).

Well the other day I found the picture below from a posting on Tumblr (check me out) and I've seen it before and it's really fun and sassy, but this time I noticed something...
If you look in the photo below, I've highlighted what appears to be stretch marks and maybe cellulite. (*Please note that I am in no way trying to detract from Raquel Welch's hotness, just pointing out some awesomeness that no longer happens*).
The thing is, and I doubt anyone will disagree, that she is super hot in this picture, and the presence of a couple marks of imperfection doesn't really change that. When I came across this again, it was just really refreshing to think of images of celebrities that were untouched by Photoshop.

Probably about a year ago, my Rickey and I were in a music store and there was a postcard of Marilyn Monroe on a rack and he pointed out that she had a little bit of cellulite on the back of her thighs. I said 'Yeah, so?' getting ready to defend her awesomeness, and he remarked that he just didn't realize she wasn't this totally imperfect person, like celebrities are made to look like these days.

I recently read an article that Britain is looking to create a law that would ban photoshopping on ads aimed towards kids under 16, and also require disclaimers about other ads that might have been greatly altered. I, for one, am for this. I'm a big Photoshop fan and user, so I know it has some really cool benefits, but I know that it can be used to distort the truth, which can really mess with people's heads.

I'm for stripping away the bullshit. I want to see what people look like, and not in the weird tabloid-caught-off-guard way. Let's get back to old way of doing things--lots of make-up and crazy lighting. Make it happen.

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  1. I really appreciate you pointing this out. I was always feeling really bad about my stretch marks. To know someone as beautiful as her might have them too... Suddenly, mine aren't so bad :)